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Hakone’s grand mountain
hot springs
Relaxation for mind and body

A variety of luxurious private hot spring baths

Every one of our guest rooms contains a private natural hot spring bath. Immerse yourself whenever you like in the Hakone Owakudani hot spring waters, famed for assisting skin beauty and overall health. Why not take pleasure in a long carefree bath in privacy. Each bath made from the highest quality natural stone is completely unique. Enjoy the bath that’s perfect for your stay to your heart’s content, whether it be the luxury of a hot spring bath in a Western style room, a hot spring bath with a new take on Japanese tradition, or a spacious and liberating outdoor bath.

The attractive Owakudani hot spring with exclusive and natural healing hot spring waters

The Owakudani hot spring first attracted the attention of Doctor Erwin von Bälz who arrived in 1896 from Germany where medicinal spas were popular. Owakudani subsequently gained fame as one of the most venerable hot springs after the exploration of Okuhakone (or “deep Hakone”) by Viscounts Eichi Shibusawa and Baron Takao Masuda, and a survey by the Ministry of Imperial Household. With its location in the deep mountain wilderness of Okuhakone and modest flow, it is known as a precious natural hot spring.

The water is an acidic calcium-sulfate/chloride bath with viscosity and shine. The hot springs of Hakone have long been considered beneficial in assisting beautiful skin, health, and recovery from injury and illness. Having regular therapeutic bathing is said to improve unstable biorhythm caused by stress and invigorate the metabolism. Located in the secluded forest, this hot spring has fascinated people receiving therapeutic bathing since the olden days. Its effects are said to include the improvement of low body temperature, rheumatism, back pain, shoulder pain, reduced digestive function, post illness recovery, fatigue, atopic dermatitis, dry skin, cuts, bruises, stress, and diabetes.

A variety of luxurious private hot spring baths for you to enjoy

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