Forest Terrace
Historical and

Beloved by John Kanaya
A forest of wonder in Hakone

A journey to discover anew the art of Hakone and the natural aesthetic of the seasons embodied by the forest of Kanaya

A forest where magnolia obovata, Siebold’s beech, and tall stewartia spread their big branches and weave a lace of sunlight through them on the ground.
The forest is home to Yoshino Cherry trees in full bloom in the springtime, and the vibrant autumn colors of the Maple and Japanese zelkova in the fall. These 20,000m2 of forest in the Fuji Hakone mountains are now maintained as the forest of the Kanaya Resort Hakone. The primeval forest and deep mountain vegetation painstakingly maintained by royal families and nobles, along with the mossy cobblestone paths, evoke the character and history of Hakone as a favorite retreat.

After bathing in the forest air on the Forest Terrace, why not view the sculptured glass artwork by Gabriel Loire in the hotel, or visit one of the art museums for which Hakone is famous? Enjoy an enriching journey encountering nature and art.

Experience the stunning view of Owakudani

Experience the stunning
view of Owakudani
and feel the intensity
and majesty of the Earth

This primeval forest has soothed all five senses since ancient times

This primeval forest has soothed
all five senses since ancient times
with its fresh tangled leaves in spring
and decoration of autumn leaves in fall

A serene and healing forest Moments of private peace

Nestled in the tranquil forest,
the hotel seems bathed
in a somehow spiritual light

the old cobblestone paths

Feel the history of Hakone
in the present
as you climb
the old cobblestone paths


There is no greater luxury than a glass
of champagne enjoyed among the refreshing greenery

The modern entrance

The modern entrance
excites the mood of the traveler

Old tree

Be inspired by wonderful
ancient trees
to explore your own roots

a pair of deer

Nature felt up close,
a pair of deer suddenly materialize

enjoying a night of flowing conversation

Admire the illuminated forest,
while enjoying a night
of flowing conversation

the vast nature of Hakone

Immerse yourself
in the vast mountains
and fields of Hakone!

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